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Rule #68 – Never Be Too Busy For Your Loved Ones

We all know we have to spend time with our loved ones. We know we want to spend time with our loved ones. We often say “we need to meet up” or “let’s have a meal together soon” but at the same time, it is so true that we often end up making the mistake of not doing so.

Till today, I am still a culprit of not abiding to the Rule #68 – Never Be Too Busy For Your Loved Ones.

Of how I claim I was too busy with school – studies and co-curricular activities, or actually honestly I didn’t see how our meet-up could fit comfortably into my schedule, till today I really am too guilty of this. I don’t want family and friends to label me as an “all talk no action” friend (or if they even treat me as a friend today).

It is a pity I have been so busy, I allow myself to let my parents, family and friends wait – only to realise I have disappointed them, perhaps breaking promises and that they are the only people whom we constantly have to say sorry to.

As much as I want to make an effort, I really mean when I say I want to meet up with anyone of you seeing this today. I can make this happen! I want to make this happen! I must make this happen!

Please give me one more chance to make up for this.

Inspired by Storyofbing.

About madeofballoons

I love watching the clouds in the sky imagining they are various life objects, I love photography - visuals are most probably one of the most important type of memories I'd love to have for keepsake. Wait, I love eating too, it's the kind of unexplainable joy it gives me. Stop and observe each sight and sound for every little item has its own story to tell. Come on, let's all be happy, we're still young!

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This entry was posted on March 28, 2011 by in Thoughts.

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